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Welcome to the future of skin health

The most advanced, natural solutions for skin & scalp care.

Welcome to the future of skin health

The most advanced, natural solutions for skin & scalp care

Our journey of discovery starts in our lab.

9 Years of microbiome research has strongly linked healthy, beautiful skin and hair with the composition of our microflora. Advances in genomic technology have enabled us to sequence hundreds of different bacterial strains from healthy people. This has allowed us to identify gaps in the microbiome and how these differences in bacterial strains impact individuals. The future of healthy, youthful skin lies in your microbiome.

Skin flora tested

Skin flora tested microbiome good bacteria for anti aging
Microbiome friendly
Enter your comfort zone

Microbes live on us, in us and around us. While some of these are annoying and nasty, others such as probiotics, are essential to our life and we couldn’t live a day without them.

Your skin’s microbiome is an ecosystem comprised of microbes and is incredibly complex, massively varied, dynamic and changes with age and the environments it encounters. It includes trillions of bacteria, yeast, fungi, viruses and other microorganisms residing within the epidermis, dermis, glands and hair follicles.

At Skinara® we’re continuously developing our understanding of them – particularly good bacteria such as probiotics. For instance we call upon very diverse fields of science and their role in skin health and the dermatological challenges that can disrupt our skin’s microbiome.

For example conditions such as dry, prematurely aging or inflammatory skin including atopic dermatitis, acne or psoriasis can be effects of alterations in this microbial balance. Also your skin care regimen can either promote or damage this ecosystem. At Skinara® we create and test our products to ensure they support your skin’s microbiome, for maximum results and zero irritation.

Cruelty free

Cruelty free skincare products from clean and green New Zealand
Cruelty free
Never tested on animals

None of our ingredients or formulations are tested on animals and never will be. 100% Ethical, Vegan and Gluten free.

No allergens

Skinara sensitive skin specialist skincare with probiotics from New Zealand
No allergens
Skinara® strong on results. Not on fragrances™

Allergies are a modern epidemic. With fragrances being the number one cause of skin sensitivity and allergic reactions in skin care. Don’t shop with your nose, it makes no scents.

For instance fragrances, either natural or synthetic, can have up to 200 different chemicals in them that cause irritation well before it’s seen on the surface. Meanwhile below the surface they can create cracks invisible to the naked eye. These break collagen down worsening dryness, hindering your skin’s ability to heal. ’Essential oils’ included in skin care often contain artificial fragrances not listed on the packaging, that make aromas last longer. These pro aging skin care products are ones to avoid.

Natural & Organic

Natural and organic skincare from New Zealand
Natural ingredients
No nasty chemicals

At Skinara® we understand sensitive skin. We go beyond skin soothing to build up the skin’s tolerance. We formulate with the skin’s natural microbiome in mind. We are boosting your skin’s protective barrier function and avoiding all the pro-aging chemicals and irritants.

Your skin care needs to preserve your skin’s integrity and balance lipids, fats, and ceramides. It must support all essential skin barrier functions, healthy cell communication, and microbiome activity. Could you watch out what cleansers and exfoliators you’re using? Some are causing dysbiosis by changing the physiological balance of your skin. A cascade of events could follow, including limited UV protection despite sunscreen use, as the antioxidant network in your skin breaks down, leading to drier, irritated, cracked, sensitive skin.

Skin is your body’s largest detoxifying organ. Skinara® uses no oxygen blocking chemicals: Sulphate free, Paraben free, Lanolin free, Mineral oil free, Colourant free, Fragrance free, SLS free and Petrochemical free.


Ingredients to avoid: Mineral Oil, Paraffin Oil, Petrolatum, Parrafinum Liquidum, Synthetic wax, Isoparrafin, Ceteareth, Propylene Glycol, Propylene, Butylene Glycol, PEGs. These form the bulk of mass-market skincare and can harm your skin.


Paraffin is a by-product of petroleum refining that the human body can’t metabolize and prevents beneficial skincare ingredients from penetrating the skin. It also accumulates in body tissues for life mainly in the liver, kidneys and lymph nodes.

Carcinogenic, mutagenic or reprotoxic are categorized as ‘CMR’ substances but are not automatically banned from use. Skinara® avoids CMRs and complies with international biomedical, ethical and legal standards governing dermal and dietary product manufacturing.

Endocrine (hormone) disrupting chemicals (EDCs) have the ability to disrupt the production and actions of hormones. EDCs are also carcinogenic, immunotoxic and hepatotoxic. In addition they produce inflammatory and allergic skin diseases, chloracne, disorders of skin pigmentation, skin cancer and skin aging.


Parabens are in many products from toothpaste to skincare to food. The EU has banned 5 parabens and restricts Triclosan in cosmetics. Phenoxytanol has also been banned in certain countries due to its adverse effects on the brain and nervous system.


At Skinara® we don’t use conventional preservatives including EDCs. Instead we use effective, natural antimicrobial peptides derived from lactic acid bacteria through fermentation techniques. In addition our preservation is extremely beneficial for your skin as it has potent moisturizing properties.


Sodium Lauryl (Leureth) Sulfate or SLS is the most sensitizing cleansing agent that is recognized as an endocrine toxin. It may contain a chemical known to harm your nervous system.


Research links oxybenzone to skin irritation, allergic reactions and interferences with hormonal activity. According to the EWG Oxybenzone is in 80 percent of sunscreens. Hawaii is the first place that has banned sunscreens containing oxybenzone and octinoxate which may harm coral reefs. Skinara® Sunscreen does not contain these chemicals.

Our ingredients are tested to ensure they don’t contain insecticides, pesticides, herbicide residues or synthetic fertilizers used in conventional agriculture, as these are toxic to the planet and the human body.

Bulking agents and fillers are used by mass market skin care companies to increase their volume at low cost while the actual active components may be very small. Skinara® doesn’t use fillers or bulking agents. Instead we maximize the active components in our nutraceuticals as well as topical products. As a matter of fact our product potency is higher than most others available on the market. Our products are fast-acting and formulated with full strength efficacy.

At Skinara® we don’t use irradiated ingredients because the process damages the quality of them by breaking up molecules and creating harmful free radicals.

At Skinara® we formulate excellent quality natural supplements without any additives to alter their appearance or taste, such as colorants or flavours.

Globally we are eating more sugar than at any other time in history. Sugar and sweeteners have incredibly harmful effects on the metabolism and contribute to all sorts of health issues, including cell damage, accelerated skin aging, obesity, diabetes, tooth decay and heart problems. Skinara® dietary products are always sugar and sweetener free.

All Skinara® skin care products, including dietary and topical skin care, are gluten and wheat free.

Skinara® skin care and nutraceuticals are GMO free.

In harmony with you

Animal friendly skincare cosmetics from clean and green New Zealand
Guilt free healthcare
Skinara® promotes a healthy lifestyle

We are health conscious.

Our products are chosen by customers looking for healthier lifestyle choices. You may have individual dietary, religious, or cultural preferences. You may be a vegetarian seeking animal-free, natural solutions that are gluten-free and easy to use on the go. We’re all environmentally conscious and look for products that don’t cost the Earth.

In harmony with our planet

Ocean and reef friendly skincare cosmetics sunscreen
Better for our Planet
Skinara® protects our fragile environment

Our health is directly linked to the health of our planet

In everything we do we ask 2 fundamental questions: how will our customers benefit from this product and how might it affect our fragile planet. In other words we have to search longer and harder to ensure what we offer is not only in harmony with you but also our Earth. It’s a small price to pay to be guilt-free guardians of this beautiful world we live in.