Probiotic Bio Serum

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  • Helps sensitive skin restore its microflora.
  • Crowds out bad bacteria for healthy skin.
  • Powerful anti pollution and anti aging.
  • Reinstates moisture and skin barrier function.
  • Long-term redness, flaking & blemish solution.
  • Relieves discomfort, nourishes & protects.
  • Helps create a revitalized, brighter and clearer complexion.
  • Light-as-a-feather, matte finish, perfect under makeup.

Probiotics plus prebiotics. Your daily biotherapy booster with NZ grown organic phytonutrients and plant sterols. Irreplaceable biome friendly daily sensitive skin care. Also suitable for psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis. 45 ml, 1.52 fl.oz.



33% of us have skin conditions, 60% have sensitive skin

ProBiotic Biotherapy

Changes your story

Let’s get cellular

Trillions of bacteria live on and in our skin and we couldn't live a day without them. They affect how our skin looks, feels and even smells. The greater the variety and number of good probiotic bacteria the healthier your microflora.

So in healthy skin you have an abundance of good bacteria that when boosted by probiotics keep bad bacteria under control. They manage your skin’s immune system, help resolve sensitivity, retain moisture and build a stronger barrier from irritants and pollutants.

How irritating!

Irritants upset these miniature friends such as cleaning products, fragrances, heat, cold, wind or dry air, pollution, smog, the sun’s UV rays – all disturb the skin barrier and yes, antibiotics do too. These imbalances can be seen or felt as allergic reactions, redness, rashes, rosacea, dryness, flaking, itchiness, stinging and acne. Chronic sensitivity can contribute towards skin thinning and premature aging.

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Your body’s eco system: the brain, digestive system and the skin

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At the push of a button

A healthy balance of good bacteria create brilliant new ingredients for skin, such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins, as well as increasing the presence of ceramides. This in turn leads to better hydration and radiance that’s visible proof of skin’s renewed vitality.

Sensitive skin with good probiotic bacteria


Reduction in redness, irritation and inflammation after 1 month, based on independent research of Skinara® anti-pollution ingredient

Kiss sensitive skin goodbye

The smartest skin health. Skinara® Probiotic Bio Serum goes beyond skin soothing to strengthen the skin’s microbial balance. Helps boost immune defence and rebuild skin’s protective barrier. Accelerating skin renewal and skin’s own defence against bad bacteria. Helping skin cells to detect and prevent inflammation, thus slowing down aging.

How to choose the best probiotics?

There are many probiotic skincare products out there, so here’s our advice on the key things to look for.

Live probiotics are the most effective ones

Probiotics don’t survive being stored in solutions containing water, so it’s best to avoid products like these. Only when you want to activate serums containing probiotics should you dampen your fingertips and apply them to your skin

Probiotics can’t survive harsh antibacterial preservatives

Products containing certain antibacterial preservatives such as phenoxyethanol will also kill probiotics. At Skinara we run tests and have extensive data of the effects of antibacterial on skin flora integrity. Any jars with lids you can remove & dunk your fingers into the lotion must contain loads of preservatives, so your probiotic friends stand no chance to stay alive, while bad bacteria can thrive (even if you can’t see them). You shouldn’t use ingredients and preservative loaded skincare that disturb the flora in the first place.

Good probiotics don’t get on with bad bacteria

By dipping fingers into open jars (even if they’re clean), you introduce bad microbes harmful to your skin that eliminate the probiotics inside your jar. You may not be able to see yeast or mold growing in there, but they can be slowly doing so. Look for hygienic containers sealed from fingers, air and contaminants, that offer precise application in the most hygienic way. Probiotic skincare in airtight pump containers protect live, good bacteria (probiotics) from bad bacteria (pathogens) and extremes of light and temperature that may eliminate your probiotics

Probiotics don’t like frangrances or colorants

Just like your skin, live probiotics don’t like fragrances or colorants or any other chemicals that may quickly damage them. So make sure any probiotic products you’re considering buying do NOT contain fragrances or added coloring

Rebalancing your skin flora is not an overnight ‘miracle’

Great things take time but how long depends on how out of balance your skin’s microflora is to start with. Skinara® Probiotic Serum treatment should last a minimum of 1 month when used as directed

There are so many other things critical to healthy skin which require skincare to be at fairly acidic pH. Otherwise bad skincare choice (or sun care) can promote the growth of pathogens. Factors that may lead to dysbiosis (imbalanced skin microbiome) damaged barrier function, lack of protection from UV light, age and ethnicity just to mention a few.

Live probiotics and rosacea

Live probiotics and acne

Live probiotics and eczema

Live probiotics and dry skin

Live probiotics and sensitive skin

The Real Solution. Not a cover-upTM

You won’t find any of these in our products: silicones, parabens, PEGs, sulfates (SLS/SLES), GMOs, mineral oil, petrolatum, added colours or fragrances. Brilliant, natural, flora friendly skin care. 


Pollution and airborne chemicals make it difficult for good bacteria to survive on your skin. Pollution particles called Particulate Matter (PM) are 20 times smaller than your skin’s pores at <2.5 µm (2.5 micrometers) so they’re easily absorbed by your body.

What’s PM 2.5?

Particulate Matter is a mixture of exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, dirt, burning coal in urban living. What does it mean to skin? PM gets through the skin’s layers clogging it, changing its sebum production, cholesterol and antioxidant levels and altering its pH. It increases free radical damage, dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, pigmentation and sensitivity.

PM can penetrate deeply and cause discomfort, sensitive skin and serious allergies especially to a weakened skin barrier.

Did you know?

Car exhaust fumes for example, can contribute towards acne by turning squalene, naturally present in the skin, into squalene peroxide which causes cystic acne in extremely polluted areas.

Radiant skin in the city!

Skinara® Bio Serum helps prevent PM from being absorbed by your skin. Perfect for face and body. Reduces the adhesion of PM 2.5 by bonding to heavy metals and hydrocarbons from car exhaust fumes, removing them from your skin. Helps neutralize the effects of pollutants, so your beneficial flora thrive. Increases skin’s capacity to resist pollutants. Your skin’s vitality and luminosity returns.

Wake up to probiotics

Barrier lipid complex

Contains an advanced barrier lipid complex with ceramides and biomimetic fatty acids. These help maintain smooth, well hydrated skin with improved barrier function. Together with organic spirulina they reinforce & protect your skin from moisture loss, maintain hydration and prevent inflammation, essential to healthy youthful skin.

Sensitive skin care

Powerfully anti aging

Your skin microbiota is an invisible shield against aging. Our synergistic probiotics and prebiotics help build you skin’s barrier against bad bacteria and pollutants. They do this by stimulating its production of natural antimicrobial peptides. And they have broad antioxidant and anti aging actions helping skin repair and regenerate itself.

Sensitive skin acne psoriasis redness dryness solution

Replenish after showering

Having a shower or a bath can wash away friendly bacteria that support your skin’s microflora. These natural lipids and oils keep your skin hydrated and strengthen its natural protection. Using Probiotic Bio Serum regularly helps restore them.

Couple man and woman morning skincare routine

Beautybiotic® technology

Skinara® probiotics are protected by Beautybiotic® microencapsulation technology. This keeps them fresh inside your serum before you activate them by massaging into your skin. Make Bio Serum first and last thing you wear every day.

Sensitive skin replenish probiotics after shower

Healthier by designTM

100% natural with certified organic ingredients and skin identical lipids to soothe and calm sensitive skin. Clinically tested. Hypoallergenic. Light texture. Quickly absorbed. Invisible. Fragrance free.

Probiotic sensitive skin care with microbiome protection

Release microscopic friends

Skinara® specially designed airless dispensers deliver live probiotics and maintain their potency. Just push the button to release billions of microscopic friends – precisely and hygienically every time!

Probiotic sensitive skin bio serum gel on bottle with green leaf
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Bio Serum

We formulate with skin’s natural microbiome in mind. Harnessing the power of cutting edge microbial science. Engineered to act as a shield to offer multi-protection including from pollution. Your essential daily skin health booster, irreplaceable protective care for urban living.

Recommended for all skin types, especially for the most delicate, sensitive ones, irreplaceable in daily anti aging and anti pollution care. Pregnancy safe. Doesn’t contain gluten or animal byproducts. Also suitable for psoriasis, acne, atopic dermatitis.

Bio Serum can be used on the face, hands and body that needs live probiotics every day. Depending on skin condition, apply sparingly 2-3 times daily to clear skin, free of cosmetics. Using clean, damp fingers, dab a small amount of Bio Serum onto selected areas and massage into skin for 10 seconds. You can use it instead of daily moisturizer to keep the balance in check. Dermal application only. Do not apply to open wounds. Not to be consumed.

Don’t rush to layer up, let Bio Serum absorb to increase its benefits. So wait at least 15 minutes before applying makeup.

Store in a cool, dry place below 22ºC / 71.6ºF with the lid on.

Isoamyl Laurate, Lactobacillus, Glycerin, Propanediol, Betaine, Trehalose, Natural Vitamin E Tocopherol, Simmondsia Chinesis Seed Oil, Butyrospermum Parkii Butter, Sesamum Indicum Seed Oil, Helianthus Annus Seed Oil and Organic Spirulina Platensis Extract, Organic Ascophyllum Nodosum Extract, Alteromonas Ferment Extract, Glycine Soybean Seed Extract & Ceramide 3, Gamma Decalactone, Hyaluronic Acid, Ascorbyl Palmitate, Allantoin, Alpha-glucan Oligosaccharide, Cordyceps Sinensis Extract, Trametes Versicolor Extract, Camellia Sinensis Leaf Extract, Plankton Extract.

Free from toxic chemicals. Free from fragrances – the No.1 skin irritant. Non GMO, no parabens, sulphates or phthalates which may cause allergies and numerous side effects. Formulated in harmony with your skin’s natural microflora. Because we exclusively use biocompatible physiological lipids naturally present in human skin, there is no petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oils or silicones, as these may impede rather than correct underlying conditions.

Dive deeper

At Skinara® we care for your skin. Our specially designed airless dispensers deliver the best quality live probiotic cells maintaining their potency.

Skinara® uses the most beneficial and thoroughly researched probiotics and postbiotics. They are complete with antimicrobial compounds present in them all due to our advanced Beautybiotic® Technology.

Brilliant care pre and post micro needling, laser chemical peels, retinoids and exfoliants. Helps restore your skin’s microbial balance and sooth irritation or redness.

The perfect match

ProBiotic Series

Plus PreBiotics

ProBiotic Bio Serum Probiotics plus prebiotics. 45 ml / 1.52 fl.oz.

ProBiotic Nutraceutical Supplement 5 Probiotic strains, 2 genera, 60 servings, 60 g / 2.1 oz.fl.

Kiss sensitive, dry skin goodbye. Enter your comfort zone with probiotic anti aging care. This Series work together in 2-ways from inside and out to help restore your skin’s tolerance, creating a revitalized, plumper and more youthful complexion. Your microbiological protective barrier against pollution induced irritation and early skin aging. Also helps with psoriasis, acne and atopic dermatitis.