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ProBiotic Bio Serum Probiotics plus prebiotics. 45 ml / 1.52 fl.oz.

ProBiotic Nutraceutical Supplement 5 Probiotic strains, 2 genera, 60 servings, 60 g / 2.1 oz.fl.

Kiss sensitive, dry skin goodbye. Enter your comfort zone with probiotic anti aging care. This Series work together in 2-ways from inside and out to help restore your skin’s tolerance, creating a revitalized, plumper and more youthful complexion. Your microbiological protective barrier against pollution induced irritation and early skin aging. Also helps with psoriasis, acne and atopic dermatitis.



33% of us have skin conditions, 60% have sensitive skin

ProBiotic Biotherapy

Changes your story

Let’s get cellular

Trillions of bacteria live on and in our skin and we couldn't live a day without them. They affect how our skin looks, feels and even smells. The greater the variety and number of good probiotic bacteria the healthier your microflora.

In healthy skin you have an abundance of good bacteria that when boosted by probiotics keep bad bacteria under control. They manage your skin’s immune system, help resolve sensitivity, retain moisture and build a stronger barrier from irritants and pollutants.

How irritating!

Irritants upset these miniature friends such as cleaning products, fragrances, heat, cold, wind or dry air, pollution, smog, the sun’s UV rays – all disturb the skin barrier and yes, antibiotics do too. These imbalances can be seen or felt as allergic reactions, redness, rashes, rosacea, dryness, flaking, itchiness, stinging and acne. Chronic sensitivity can contribute towards skin thinning and premature aging.

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Your body’s eco system: the brain, digestive system and the skin.

Power DUO

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A healthy balance of good bacteria create brilliant new ingredients for skin such as hyaluronic acid, peptides and vitamins, as well as increasing the presence of ceramides. This in turn leads to better hydration and radiance that’s visible proof of your skin’s renewed vitality.

Probiotic and prebiotic sensitive skin care

Kiss sensitive, dry skin goodbye

The smartest skin health. Skinara® Probiotic Series goes beyond skin soothing to strengthen the skin’s microbial balance from inside and out. Helps boost immune defence and rebuild skin’s protective barrier. Accelerating skin renewal and skin’s own defence against bad bacteria. Helping skin cells to detect and prevent inflammation, thus slowing down aging. Enter your comfort zone. 


Pollution and airborne chemicals make it difficult for good bacteria to survive on your skin. Pollution particles called Particulate Matter (PM) are 20 times smaller than your skin’s pores at <2.5 µm (2.5 micrometers) so they’re easily absorbed by your body.

What’s PM 2.5?

Particulate Matter is a mixture of exhaust fumes, smoke, dust, dirt or burning coal. What does it mean to skin? PM gets through the skin’s layers clogging it, changing its sebum production, cholesterol and antioxidant levels and altering its pH. It increases free radical damage, dryness, dullness, loss of elasticity, pigmentation and sensitivity.

PM can penetrate deeply and cause discomfort, sensitive skin and serious allergies especially to a weakened skin barrier.

Did you know?

Car exhaust fumes for example, can contribute towards acne by turning squalene, naturally present in the skin, into squalene peroxide which causes cystic acne in extremely polluted areas.

Radiant skin in the city!

Skinara® Bio Serum helps prevent PM from being absorbed by your skin. Perfect for face and body. Reduces the adhesion of PM 2.5 by bonding to heavy metals and hydrocarbons from car exhaust fumes, removing them from your skin. Helps neutralize the effects of pollutants, so your beneficial flora thrive. Increases skin’s capacity to resist pollutants. Your skin’s vitality and luminosity returns.

Wake up to probiotics

Skinara® Bio Serum

Advanced Beautybiotic® Technology for your skin. Clinically tested live probiotic strains plus prebiotic to fuel them. Scientifically researched to work symbiotically for best results to re-balance your skin and keep pathogens at bay.

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Skinara® Nutraceuticals

A unique combination of 5 strains and 2 genera for optimal gut health. Formulated in state-of-the-art, fully computerized GMP and ISO certified facilities. Tested to survive the gastrointestinal transit so they remain active. Easy to use every day.

Probiotic nutraceutical powder added to smoothie breakfast preparation

Power DUO

Your perfect daily booster. Put a scoop of Nutraceutical skin health in your smoothie. Make Bio Serum probiotics the first and last thing you wear every day. Power DUO work as a team. Synergistic results against bad bacteria and pollutants.

Probiotic cream and supplements for sensitive skin

De stress your skin

Bio Serum helps stimulate your skin’s defences against stress, pollutants and inflammation. Sensitive skin is common in conditions like dermatitis, psoriasis or rosacea often triggered by stressors. See those stress related skin complaints reduce.

Probiotic sensitive skin care with microbiome protection

Healthier by designTM

100% natural with certified organic ingredients to soothe and calm sensitive, irritable skin. Clinically tested. Hypoallergenic. Light in texture with a matte, translucent finish for everyday use.

Bio serum with probiotics and nutraceutical package two products for sensitive skin

Push the button

Specially designed airless dispensers that deliver live pre and probiotics and maintain potency. Push the button to release billions of friends – precisely & hygienically every time!

Bio serum for sensitive skin
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ProBiotic Series

Beautiful skin is healthy skin. Our Probiotic Series harness cutting edge microbial science by using patented strains, concentrations and quantities of beneficial live bacteria. Your irreplaceable, daily biotherapy for healthy skin and gut.

Formulated in harmony with your skin’s natural microflora. Free from toxic chemicals. Free from fragrances – the No.1 skin irritant. Non GMO, no parabens, sulphates or phthalates which may cause allergies and numerous side effects. We exclusively use biocompatible physiological lipids naturally present in human skin – no petrolatum, lanolin, mineral oils or silicones, as these may impede rather than correct underlying conditions. Probiotic Bio Serum made with organic ingredients and is skin flora friendly.

The Series is suitable for all skin types, as probiotics are ‘friendly bacteria’ naturally found in every part of our body. Prebiotics are the superfood for these good bacteria and both help re-balance your skin’s beneficial flora to make it thrive. Especially recommended for dry, sensitive skin. Also helps with psoriasis, acne and atopic dermatitis. All important anti-stress protective daily care for urban living.

Dive deeper

Skinara® uses the most beneficial live probiotics due to our advanced Beautybiotic® Technology.

Long-term use of certain medications used to calm sensitive skin including topical corticosteroids, can contribute towards skin thinning, further sensitivity and premature aging.