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AgeScreen® The Best Sunscreen

Daily antioxidants for facial skin protection & repair

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  • The world’s best face sunscreen, UVA UVB broad-spectrum SPF
  • 3 times more UVA protection than the sunscreen you’re using now!
  • Anti pollution and Blue Light protection from the sun & digital devices.
  • Made with natural antioxidants, biofilters and organic ingredients.
  • Daily face sunscreen, zero whitening, easy SPF everyday.
  • Face and body sunscreen. Great for sensitive skin, including children.
  • Ocean & reef safe.

Your daily protection from all factors: sun, pollution and blue light. Helps prevent skin allergies, premature aging, wrinkles, sagging, skin thinning, spots, and pigmentation. Helps reduce the risk of melasma and skin cancer. Independently laboratory tested to International Standards ISO 24444 and ISO 24443 and AUST/NZ Standard 2604. Awarded 5 Star Ultra High UVA rating by Boots UK.



The world’s best face sunscreen with the highest UVA factor

3 times more protection than the sunscreen you’re using now

Sunspots on skin. The best sunscreen with antioxidants

Skinara AgeScreen® face sunscreen is a revolution in skin care. Using the planet’s three most effective naturally occurring UV filters, we’ve created the ultimate organic shield for your skin. Help protect every layer of your skin, help prevent skin cancer and maintain youthful skin with the advanced solution that’s non-allergenic, fragrance free and safe for kids.


AgeScreen® has been awarded 5 star rating for Ultra High UVA protection factor, it has achieved 112% above the standard protection. Above the standard required for any broad spectrum sunscreen DISCOVER>

Best Face Sunscreen product with highest UVA UVB anti aging protection factor worldwide

Defend your skin with the highest UVA rating on the planet

Skinara AgeScreen is the 5-Star Ultra High UVA solution to wrinkles, sagging, thinning and spots.

Your skin is under daily attack from UVB and UVA rays, blue light and pollution. Fight back with Skinara AgeScreen: your shield against premature aging and skin cancers. Skinara daily face sunscreen AgeScreen for the face and body will keep your skin looking clearer, smoother and younger. It will save your looks, and may even save your life.

The skincare industry told you SPF was enough. They were wrong

SPF measures protection against UVB rays, think B as in Burning, but they’re only 5% of the rays hitting your skin. 


What about the other 95%, UVA rays?


The experts told us UVA rays were harmless. Some even told us UVA rays, think A as Aging, contributed to a healthy tan. Now we know the truth. UVA rays penetrate deeper than UVB rays. Deep enough to damage the dermis and DNA, causing premature aging and increasing our risk of cancer. 


Until the development of Skinara AgeScreen, sunscreens only protected us from 5% of the sun’s rays. In fact, broad spectrum sunscreens still need to provide only one third of the protection between UVA to UVB. So your SPF 30 face sunscreen may only have a UVA Protection Factor of 10! Crazy but true.


With AgeScreen, you can finally get the same protection from UVB, UVA. Plus HEV and Pollution.

Agescreen is your skin’s ultimate daily shield.


You’re always exposed to it even on a cloudy day, in the shade – even in winter and even indoors through closed windows. Ensure you apply equally high UVA & UVB protection.

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Best sunscreen Blue light filters digital devices for full anti aging protection
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Sunscreen anti aging antioxidants protect skin against damage
Environmental damage

We need to change the way we care for our skin.

We spend billions trying to fix cumulative skin damage. What we need is an effective form of prevention. Start investing in a daily protective shield to maintain healthy, youthful, glowing skin.


Skinara AgeScreen is your best sunscreen defence against environmental stressors and premature aging.

Invest in your skin. It’s priceless

AgeScreen is the best sunscreen with advanced broad-spectrum UVA factor, and your old sunscreens could cost you your looks.


Skinara AgeScreen is the culmination of 3 years of development, including research into three revolutionary antioxidants that are the world’s most effective naturally occurring UV filters. Nature perfected these incredible filters over billions of years, but we put them through independent laboratory tests just to be sure. 


The result is a life-changing and skin-saving face sunscreen that exceeds International Standards. It received a 5-Star Ultra High UVA rating from Boots, UK. Amongst sunscreen solutions AgeScreen is the most advanced sunscreen on the market.

Face facts

Skinara Agescreen 8 unique benefits

1. The highest rating of UVA protection

We tested AgeScreen in one of the highest ultraviolet radiation zones on Earth. Skinara face sunscreen meets International Standards ISO 24444, ISO 24443 and AUST/NZ Standard 2604. We also received a 5-Star Ultra High UVA rating from Boots, UK. No other sunscreen offers the same level of protection as Skinara AgeScreen.

2. Protection from blue light

We expect our skin to be safe when we escape the sun’s rays. But the blue light emitted by the screens of our devices and artificial light can penetrate our skin to damage collagen and elastin. HEV light is a growing concern for skin specialists due to its contribution to premature aging. Skinara AgeScreen protects your skin from all forms of light.

3. Protection from pollution

AgeScreen antioxidants resist pollutants found in urban areas, such as heavy metals and hydrocarbons. Prevent dark spots, excess oiliness, and acne breakouts by strengthening your skin’s barrier.

4. Organic and natural antioxidants

AgeScreen incredible results are even more impressive when you consider it has organic biofilters. By harnessing the three most effective UV filters found in nature, Skinara face sunscreen is kinder on your skin and the environment while losing none of its protective powers.

best sunscreen natural SPF sun protection

5. Non-allergenic

Dermatologists have tested AgeScreen to ensure allergy sufferers are 100% safe to use our innovative face sunscreen. AgeScreen is free from nasty chemicals, fragrances and preservatives that can often cause reactions to skincare products.

6. Safe for kids

People get most of their lifetime sun exposure by age 18, so the race to save your child from skin cancer starts now. Skinara face and body sunscreen AgeScreen can prevent permanent and accumulative damage by providing safe daily protection for kids, whether they’re exposed to the sun’s rays or prolonged screen time.

7. Microflora friendly

The high pH and zinc oxide in most sunscreens promote harmful bacteria that can damage your skin’s healthy microbiome. Skinara AgeScreen has been formulated to match natural skin’s pH and AgeScreen has been tested to support healthy skin microbiome.

8. Biodegradable and safe for the ocean

AgeScreen is not contributing to the destruction of our reefs and ocean wildlife. At Skinara, we create safe, green, and effective environmental protection. Our sunscreen doesn’t contain oxybenzone, octinoxate, fragrances, PABA, or parabens, all of which are bad for you, plants, and animal life.

best sunscreen in Australia and New Zealand

Tested here to work anywhere

New Zealand and Australia

Protecting here. Protecting anywhere. Made and tested in New Zealand and Australia, one of the highest ultraviolet radiation zones on Earth, served as our testing grounds. All-in-one environmental protection factor. Take your skin insurance with AgeScreen®

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An invisible daily shield

Non-whitening and completely invisible, silky, lightweight texture, designed for everyday use. Hydrating enough to make your moisturizer redundant. Your shield against harmful rays and pollution without anyone knowing.

Serum to wear daily

Silky smooth serum, made without fragrances or allergens. Perfect for sensitive, delicate skin. Actively hydrating for all-day comfort. The most advanced daily sun and environmental protection. Ideal base for your makeup. 

Skin microflora friendly

Healthy skin needs a healthy microbiome. Daily skincare should be skin flora friendly. However most mineral sunscreens are formulated at high pH that encourages bad bacteria. Independent studies show that zinc oxide sunscreen are antibacterial and are NOT Microbiome friendly. Any formulation with antibacterial ingredients, preservatives etc will have a bad impact on skin microbiome. AgeScreen® is formulated and tested to support healthy skin.

Reef safe face sunscreen

At Skinara® we create safe, green, and effective environmental protection. As natural as it can be without compromising performance, or the planet. Our sun care formulations are biodegradable so they can break down in the environment without causing harm. We only work with the best sunscreen ingredients. We don’t use oxybenzone, octinoxate, fragrances, PABA, or parabens, which are bad for you, plants, and animal life. They are biodegradable and safe for the ocean.

Sunscreen with natural organic UVA UVB filters safe for the ocean reef
AgeScreen® The Best Face Sunscreen

We strive to give you more, to go beyond conventional sun care for the best natural face sunscreen you can get from all environmental factors. Skinara® AgeScreen gives you a complete environmental protection based on cutting edge biochemistry, with unmatched UVA protection. The best reef-safe sunscreen, safe for you and the planet.

Skinara® sun care is recommended for all skin types, including the most delicate sensitive skin. Free from allergens, fillers or fragrances. Vegan. Every. Day. Perfection.

100% natural and hypoallergenic. Clinically tested. Face sunscreen that is free from toxic chemicals and their side effects. Non GMO. No parabens, sulphates, phthalates.

Use daily year-round as part of your essential skincare routine. Apply liberally & evenly over face, lips and body 20 minutes before UV exposure. Re-apply every 2-4 hours or after towel drying, swimming or perspiring. Avoid prolonged UV exposure. Be sun smart: wear protective clothing, hats & eyewear. Stay in the shade during peak hours 10 am – 4 pm. Use year-round as even on cloudy days or in winter, your skin is exposed to harmful rays. Sand, snow and water increase the need for sunscreen because they reflect the sun’s rays. For maximum daily defence use AgeLess 24/7 loaded with multipotent anti pollution antioxidants. CAUTION For external use only. Avoid contact with eyes. Do not use on damaged, diseased or broken skin. Discontinue use if irritation or rash appears. STORAGE: Store in cool, dry place out of the sun. Long term storage below 22°C / 71.6°F with lid on.

AgeScreen® boasts exceptional Australian sun-resistant desert plants. Including wild grown Desert Lime, Flame Tree and Kangaroo Paw. These plants have developed potent antioxidants over millennia to withstand extremely strong ultraviolet rays in hostile, desert conditions. We’ve harnessed their abilities to safeguard your skin with the best sunscreen Australia.

Dive deeper

SPF – Sun Protection Factor measures a product’s ability to prevent UVB redness and sunburn. SPF of 30 will block out 97% of the sun’s UVB rays. However SPF of 50 only blocks out 1% more than SPF of 30 and no natural sunscreen blocks 100% of rays. Whatever the SPF rating all sun care products need re-application. Remember that SPF alone is not a measure of  protection against UVA and other wavelengths of light.

You need a broad spectrum sunscreen for protection from UVA. In other words typically broad spectrum sunscreens only provide one third of the UVA protection compared with UVB, although UVA is 95% of the UV reaching our Earth. Skinara® AgeScreen is the best sunscreen for face that gives you ultra protection.

Dermatologists recommend minimum SPF 30 and for daily face sunscreen. Dermatologists recommend using a Broad Spectrum Sunscreen with high UVA factor, which blocks most of the sun’s UVB and UVA. Note that no sunscreen can block 100% of the sun’s UVB rays, hence added antioxidants can be beneficial for free radical protection. Anti pollution protection is a valuable bonus for skincare used in the city.

Regular sunscreens may only protect skin from 3-50% of free radicals. Antioxidants applied topically and via wholefoods and supplements help repair & prevent skin damage by increasing your cells’ defences against free radicals.

Multi-defence: Skinara® AntiOX Series contains a supergroup of antioxidants in AgeScreen, the best sunscreen for everyday use. Each plays a different role in directly neutralizing free radicals to safeguard your skin’s lipids and cells’ external membranes.

Includes Astaxanthin, one of the most powerful antioxidants ever discovered that regulates oil production in skin, hence it is one of the best sunscreen for oily skin

6,000 x more potent than Vitamin C

800 x more potent than Coenzyme Q10

550 x more potent than Green Tea and Vitamin E

75 x more potent than Alpha Lipoic Acid

40 x more potent than Beta Carotene

17 x more potent than Grape Seed Extract

The best sunscreen for acne-prone skin is one that won’t clog pores or cause breakouts. Here we have some features to look for in a sunscreen for acne prone skin:

Non-comedogenic: Choose a sunscreen that is labeled as “non-comedogenic,” which means it won’t clog pores.

Non-oily and non-gresy, as mineral oils can contribute to acne.

Lightweight: Avoid heavy, thick sunscreens, which can feel greasy on the skin and exacerbate acne.

Mattifying: Look for sunscreens with a matte finish to help control shine and reduce the appearance of oil.

Bear in mind that mineral sunscreen, like zinc sunscreen or titanium dioxide ingredients are bacteriocides so they will change your skin’s pH and the microbiome composition on your face. Choose AgeScreen as the best facial sunscreen for sensitive skin, thats’ skin microbiome friendly. It also offers the best broad-spectrum protection factor for both UVB, having high SPF and ultra high UVA, without clogging pores or causing breakouts.

Yes, dermatologists recommend using face sunscreen daily. With high UVA and UVB  broad-spectrum coverage. While there are many other features you can choose from, experts agree that the best sunscreen for your face is the one that you’ll feel comfortable wearing every day, year-round.

Skinara® uses natural, organic ingredients whenever available, with the highest quality. Skinara Face Sunscreen with high UVA and UVB Broad Spectrum is fully biodegradable, safe sunscreen. Formulated in Australia without harmful ingredients for the environment and the ocean. Does NOT contain oxybenzone or octinoxate. For example one drop of oxybenzone can damage corals even when diluted in 16 million litres (or 660 thousand gallons) of water. Unfortunately, we can see many sunscreens with octinoxate on the market. Skinara is different, it is safe for you and for nature.

Algal and microbiome friendly sunscreens should be good for at least two years. Hawaiian tropic sunscreen and powder sunscreen type products, as well as sunscreen sticks last three or more years.

• Slip on a long sleeved shirt

• Slip into the shade

• Slop on broad spectrum sunscreen min SPF30

• Our tip: Ensure you have excellent UVA & UVB protection

• Slap on a hat with a wide brim or a cap with flaps

• Wrap on sunglasses that have UV protection

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The perfect match

Antioxidant Series. Mastering Radiance

Daily antioxidants for facial skin protection & repair
USD$ 81
  • AgeScreen® Sunscreen Melanin Control

  • AgeLess 24/7® Advanced Pigment Corrector

Melanin Control & Advanced Pigment Corrector. Help shield your skin from leading causes of environmental skin damage. Your quick, daily solution against melanin overproduction, dark spots, and sunspots on the skin. Achieve a radiant, even skin tone while preserving firmness and skin elasticity.