LED Light Therapy

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  • Revitalizes, helping promote skin regeneration.
  • Boosts skin absorption of beneficial skincare ingredients.
  • Triple technology: LED light, vibration, thermal action.
  • 3 Options: with skincare, with a mask or cotton pad.
  • Great for all skin types and tones, from young to mature.
  • 100% Waterproof IPX7. Quick 6 minute treatment.
  • Heats up to 42°C / 107.6°F in 3 seconds, ready for use.
  • Soft, easy-grip silicone casing. CE and RoHS certified.
  • Compact travel size. USB charging (cable included).
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3-in-1 Advanced Biotherapy

LED Light Therapy Beauty Device

skinara® LED Light Therapy: originally developed by NASA, helps promote cellular regeneration


Thermal Action: opens up skin’s pores, releasing dirt and toxins, increasing skincare absorption


High Frequency Vibration: stimulates blood supply, lymphatic system and collagen production

Red Light

Targets fibroblast cells to produce collagen for fuller, firmer, smoother skin. Helps reduce fine lines, wrinkles, pigmentation, inflammation and scarring. Shrinks pores and tightens skin for a more youthful appearance.

  • Brightening Mode: Anti Aging
  • Vibration + gentle heating
  • Light wavelength: 635nm

Amber Light

Helps accelerate cell healing process and wound healing to reduce inflammation. Helps treat dry and dull skin, leaving skin looking healthier. Stimulates lymphatic flow, collagen production and lymphatic drainage. Helps with rosacea and redness, calming and soothing skin.

  • Hydrating Mode: Rejuvenating
  • Vibration + gentle heating
  • Light wavelength: 585nm

Blue Light

Targets sebaceous (sweat) glands, helping prevent sebum overproduction and oily skin. Targets bacteria that could otherwise cause acne. Helps improve skin texture and aid sun damage recovery.

  • Soothing Mode: Cleansing
  • Vibration feature
  • Light wavelength: 470nm
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skinara® LED Light Therapy

Perfect for all your skincare needs

You can use it with your customized skincare

Application Instructions

  • Cleanse your face before using the skinara® LED Light Therapy device, ensuring all skincare products have been removed.
  • 3 Application options:-
    • Use with your favourite sheet mask.
    • Use with skincare directly applied to your face.
    • Apply skincare to a thin cotton pad or fine gauze attached to the device.
  • Switch on the LED Light Therapy device, selecting the colour mode treatment based on your needs.
  • Slowly and gently massage upwards in a circular motion on the cheeks, nose, forehead and jawline. Avoid the sensitive area around the eyes.
  • After 6 minutes of continuous use, the device will automatically switch off.
  • Remove or rinse off the mask if used, then start your regular skin care regime.
  • After use, rinse the skinara® LED Light Therapy device in clean water and gently dry with a soft cloth. Replace the protective clear plastic cover onto the front of the device.
  • The perfect partner with Multi Volumizer 350+ HA8

LED Light Therapy Device: Important safety information


If you have any questions about this skinara® LED Light Therapy Device, please contact us directly. This LED Light Therapy Device must only be used as per its Operating Instructions. Do not use this device on the sensitive area around the eyes, eyelids or the eyes themselves.

If you have any medical concerns or an existing skin condition, always consult a medical professional before using this LED Light Therapy Device. Use caution as this device has a heated surface. If you experience any form of discomfort, immediately stop using this LED Light Therapy Device and consult your medical professional.

This skinara® LED Light Therapy Device is not to be used without adult supervision on children or those with reduced mental or physical abilities. Do not use this LED Light Therapy Device if it appears to be damaged in any way. Do not leave it in direct sunlight, or expose it to extreme temperatures.