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Scientific expertise

We’re a healthcare company with results rooted in over 9 years of scientific research. We have the pleasure of collaborating on multiple research partnership projects with universities and dermatologists worldwide to best help our customers. Together we are passionate about applying the latest advances in appearance medicine, skin therapy technologies and anti aging solutions.

We make innovative, microbiome tested, medical grade formulations for professional use in clinic and at home. They help optimize aesthetic and reconstructive outcomes, with efficacy backed by independent clinical studies.

Unique bioactive ingredients from nature

We design our potent, concentrated serums to mix and match to meet individual needs. They work together to address specific skin concerns. For example our holistic skincare products repair and protect against environmental stressors such as pollutants, HEV and UV aging, with multiple benefits that can be seen and felt.

Proudly from New Zealand

We use over 400 biomolecules and active ingredients. All of them are ethically and sustainably sourced including microbial actives, prebiotics, probiotics and postbiotics, antioxidants and growth factors to name a few. We combine plant, marine and biotechnological extracts at high concentrations. More importantly we formulate with skin’s natural microbiome in mind.

Skin flora friendly

We do not use synthetic fragrances, harsh chemicals or pH disruptors. Furthermore we design airless packaging to minimize the use of preservatives, thus ensuring the effectiveness of our distinctive formulations’ active ingredients. Authenticity and balance are at the heart and soul of all our product philosophy.

Genomic technology

We operate in state-of-the-art laboratory facilities with the latest hi-tech equipment. We have a team of highly skilled scientists. We welcome the opportunity to work with you and help understand your clients’ unique skin microbiomes, track their skin health, follow personalised skin and scalp care routines.

Appearance Medicine

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Skinara® products improve the quality, function and recovery time of your patients’ cosmetic and reconstructive procedures. They are cost-effective add-ons to surgery, boost skin and hairs’ natural regeneration processes. They promote faster reepithelialization, minimizing scarring and pigmentation. Skinara® professional products are only available to licensed professionals.

Skin & Hair Clinics

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We continuously advance our medical grade professional products to optimise your customers’ aesthetic outcomes. Skinara® complements a wide variety of treatments including chemical peels, laser, PRP, Botox® injections, dermabrasion, IPL, Smartlipo™. Professional in-clinic products and take home solutions for your clients to apply between treatments, tailored to their specific needs.

Innovation Partnering

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At Skinara® we work hard to identify new, next-gen appearance medicine applications and devices. These include widespread health benefits in technology, techniques and treatments that deliver meaningful results for our clients. We invite discussions with like-minded business partners and biotech researchers interested in a partnership, who share our passion for fostering innovation. Drop us a line!

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