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Skin Testing Kit


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  • Know your skin better. Understand its unique skin and get your personal DNA report.

  • Eliminate trial, error, and costs by using the right skincare products and a routine that fits your lifestyle and environment.

  • Track your skin’s progress with re-testing over time.

At-Home Skinara® Skin Testing Kit is a revolutionary skin testing service provided by Skinara. Get to know your skin on a deeper level and understand your unique skin type. Feel and see the difference with products specifically formulated for you.



Completely confidential

Skin Testing Kit

Scientific skin testing has never been so easy and so private.


1. Order your at home Skin Testing Kit. Once we have received your order we’ll send you a kit with your unique identification number.


2. Take a skin swab by carefully following the instructions included in your Skin Testing Kit and described below.


3. Get your results and advice: skinara will provide your skin analysis results and skincare recommendations.

You’ll also receive insights and suggestions based on your unique microbiome and metabolites collected from your skin sample. We advise on lifestyle and environment to maximize your skin’s health. The more you know about your skin, the healthier and more radiant it will be.

Get started today!

The Skin Testing Kit includes everything you need: complete DNA sequencing with ratings and reports.

The analysis of your skin’s microbial and metabolomic profile will also include a link to an offer to purchase a customized skinara skincare product that matches your skin’s unique needs.

Know your skin better

Skinara® Skin Testing Kit gives you the most advanced, scientific skin care

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Take the swab

customized skincare testing how do know your skin type

We analyze your sample

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Receive your results

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You can order bespoke products

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Track your skin’s progress

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Retest and enjoy money off your next products

DNA genome computer sequencing
Microbiome lab analysis
Bespoke skincare serum
Customized skincare serum
Skin microbiome online report
customized skincare probiotics australia

Got a question?

Anyone who wishes to improve and maintain the health of their skin. Quizzes or questionnaires cannot define skin types or conditions. Now for the first time, customers have full skin microbiome and metobolome cluster testing available.

The test results help our customers improve skin hydration and lipid content, decrease inflammation, slow aging, promote repair, and protect against pathogens. Skin swab analyses can help with a wide range of complaints, including dry or oily skin conditions, redness, sensitivity, breakouts, acne, dermatitis, or other skin conditions.

It will tell you your skin’s microscopic content in detail. It can help evaluate if it’s balanced and precisely what steps you can take to improve your skin’s quality and youthfulness. We give you practical advice on various environmental, lifestyle, dietary, and specific health measures that can help boost your skin’s health. You will know everything about your skin to make informed decisions and understand your skin better. We will provide further guidance on what skincare products, ingredients, and preservatives to use or avoid, regardless of brand.

The analyses are done by our highly skilled scientists in world-class genome sequencing facilities using state-of-the-art technology, with a track record of over 10 years of providing high-quality genomic profiling services.

Analysis typically takes between 15 to 20 days once we receive your skin swab sample. You can then download your results.

The price includes Skin Testing Kit, skin sample analyses, and reports. The analyses of your skin microbial and metabolic profiles will come with a link to an offer to purchase a customized skinara skincare product that matches your skin’s needs.

Yes, based on the test results, we offer a bespoke service to formulate serums in 2 volume options: 30ml (1 fl.oz) at $79 or 50ml (1.69 fl.oz) at $89 that are specific to your skin’s unique needs, and individual microbiome profile, lifestyle, and environment. Our personalized serums formulated just for you, are supercharged to boost your skin’s microflora to its optimum.


All Skinara’s products are microbiome friendly.

Yes. We recommend you recheck your skin’s improvements to see the results your skin is making. The costs of the tracking will be fully redeemable from your orders. You will receive the link for retesting on your results email.

We also strongly recommend continuing with our suggested regimen over time, to maintain your skin’s health at its best. Our recommendation is for customers to repeat the skin test again after 3 months and then 6 months to measure progress. These skin health tracking costs are taken off subsequent product purchases.

All Skinara’s products are microbiome friendly.

Just order the easy-to-use skin testing kit on this page and we’ll send it to you. Take the skin swab sample at home as per the instructions and post it back to us.

Please use the Contact Us form on our ‘FAQ and contact‘ page.

Yes. We have very robust data protection systems in place to ensure the total privacy of any customer information. We do not sell or share any customer data. Every customer’s test sample is anonymously processed by our lab using a unique identification number, not their name. The results are then shared securely with the corresponding individual customer only.

The Skin Testing Kit or serums are customized to individual orders and are associated with high laboratory costs. Hence, refunds or returns are not available.

Deionised, sterilised water

We currently ship Skin Testing Kit to Australia and New Zealand.

Easy to use Skin Testing Kit

Preparation: the night before you use the swab, take off all makeup and don’t use any skincare. Take the swab first thing the next morning, before washing your face (even with water), showering, applying makeup, creams or any other cosmetics.  Important: not suitable while using topical steroids or antibiotics. Wait at least 7 days before taking any skin testing kit.

Identify the collection tube in the swab kit

1. Open the pack and locate the collection tube in your skin testing kit. Clearly write your name and the date on its label.

Carefully open the swab packet

2. Locate the swab pack and very carefully open it from the handle end, making sure not to touch the swab tip.

Ensure the swab tip is not contaminated

3. The swab tip should not be in contact with any surfaces, before or after being applied to your cheeks.

Using swab to collect microbiome sample

4. Apply firm pressure when placing the swab tip on your cheek. Rub the tip up and down the cheek for 40 seconds. Then rub the swab tip up and down the other cheek for 40 seconds.

Carefully screw the container cap back on

5. Carefully remove the collection tube cap, ensuring the solution inside is not spilt.

Carefully place the swab tip in the container

6. Immediately insert the swab tip into the bottom of the tube, making sure it’s covered by the solution inside. Please do not touch the swab tip or bring it into contact with any surface.

Snap the swab handle at the break point

7. Make sure the ‘break point’ on the shaft of the swab is next to the top edge of the collection tube. Then snap the swab shaft at the break point. Dispose of the rest of the swab shaft you’re holding.

Post the sample back for analysis

8. Screw the cap firmly back onto the tube, making sure not to spill the solution inside.

9. NOTE: If you received two swabs, please repeat the same procedure for the second swab. Then, please place it in the same red tube for shipping.

10. Place the collection tube into a shipping envelope and post it to us as soon as possible. If there is a delay in shipping, store the red tube with swabs in the refrigerator.

DISCLAIMER: any skin test results or advice provided are not intended to diagnose, prevent, cure or treat any disease or ailment. Skinara® does not engage in offering professional medical or health advice. If you have a health problem or suspect you have a health problem, please consult your health advisory. Please note, we ship to Australia and New Zealand only.